Scribbled Lines

Who declares war inspired by faith, says human life is worthless before God or rotting ideals of waste,

I will not question injustice anymore, rogue souls, terror and horror have eyes of just ice.

This land has never been colder than when the melting pot of diversity became a crematorium of blackened poverty.

A baby falls from the 9th floor, a beast on instinct, reaches, grabs, saves, who is he?

Who was tossed to oblivion?  Man, child or  your God who watched?

The truth must come out about Grenfell Tower, the truth must be heard, is there now no one who speaks power to truth?

We know what happened, murder, contemporary, recent, prescient but also the murder of us all,

’cause if you murder my heart and love, then your celestial dictator will cast aside to hellfire,

like the flames of that tower rose higher, higher, higher.

Thinking Unusually

My Mama is a Prophet,

She Gave to the Future,

She put prophecy before profits see, she had a baby, a nine month gamble on me,

I am so grateful that I repay her love and affection not being a lawyer as her or a businessman like my father but by writing poetry. My dreams border nothingness so I fuck up commas like Future.

Stare at me, start from my eyes and pree my dimple, my smile and my mind  oh no amount of mainstream media or colonial education or demo-crazy that elects capitalists can kill me. I am not Kenny.

I’m Unorthodox and in me, you can feel the essence of an African, a man who’s ancestors were born free, a free man, hair untamed like Huey. Newton or Boondocks,

You cannot televise me.

You cannot control though you can call me a loony.

Though I was a white male, I would be a George Clooney.

Passionate and Political, This society would rise and applaud, with charisma like mine you could never be bored.

If I was a white male, no woman could reject me, if I was a white male, Britain would elect me.

Maybe, in this May-hem, I have become confused. It could be the case that my optimism would be abused, if I was a radical and indomitable, with black skin and a white mask,

the police would still shoot to kill me.


Surely I'm not the only genius; TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!!

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