A Nuclear Sobriety

The delusion that Britain is safer with weapons capable of annihilating all of human existence beyond recognition is oxymoronic. Nuclear weapons are almost certainly never going to be used for the simple reason that crazy dictator or no, slow radioactive death is a bit too much hassle. That’s why despite the vitriol of jingoistic idiocy that Corbyn faces daily, I for one support his idea to use the £20 -100 billion pounds saved by scrapping Trident and instead invest in tried and tested conventional military equipment, enhanced cyber anti-terrorism technology and health and education. With this grand sum of money redirected, we can create high-tech, high wage, specialist jobs created and diversify our defence spending which is positive for the economy. The Tories would rather invest in death and doom, and not even useful doom, cutting defence spending by 20% over the last 6 years and leaving tens of thousands of service personnel jobless in an our insecure economy.

It’s not the sole sanctuary of the self-righteous left that attacks the moral and economic abhorrence that is Trident. Even our generals have stated that “Our independent deterrent has become virtually ­irrelevant except in the context of domestic politics.” Acknowledging that pointless posturing about Trident is a non-issue when it comes to the facts.

But what of our international defence? What if North Korea decides to breach the last red line of insanity? The idea that we would suddenly become victimized is absurd. Germany, France, Japan are powerful countries that cope fine without tools of monstrous brutality. This false sense of priorities has blinded us to the reality that terrorists and gun wielding savages attack America, and just recently Canada, brazenly without so much as a care about our expensive toys.

With nuclear weapons scrapped, we can set an important precedent for disengaging with Cold War-esque politics, and be at the vanguard of a new international diplomatic effort for multilateral disarmament. Far from a sign of weakness, it takes courage to lead; in the same way chemical and biological weaponry have been recognised as an atrocious, illegal weapon of war, we can eliminate the abomination of nuclear weapons.

I think Corbyn’s right on this one. Of course we must debate and deliberate an alternative to the order of MAD (mutually assured destruction) but the sooner we address the need for urgent international talks, the sooner we shall discover there’s no humanity in Obliteration