Politicians hate you and you don’t need them



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I’m a politician-hater. Always have been, and probably always will be. Maybe it’s their disregard of the populace that I dislike. Or it could be their corrupt tendencies that tickle me the wrong way. But, frankly, I think it is their manipulation of the global masses to their own venal desires that is really despicable. But even with their stupidity we have endured their poisonous presence for centuries; simply unaware of the any other alternatives. Let’s change that.

“If this were a dictatorship it would be a heck of a lot easier.’ – George W. Bush

Politicians are a breed of humans, literally, different from the rest of us. Politicians, disproportionately, suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder, or score highly on the Psychopathy Index. Whilst that in itself isn’t completely bad, it does however portend to a terrifying pattern of political apathy towards the constituents they represent. These strains of psychopathic politicians,  can charm you out of your votes, your money and your own empathy; betraying you when it becomes expedient to do so. This trend of mental disorder among politicians means that under their polished veneer is a predator, lacking that empathy which keeps society stable and acting only in their own destructive self-interest. Several politicians, historically and in the modern-day, have demonstrated their own inner predator. Caligula, the notorious narcissist is a notable example. The Roman emperor exemplifies narcissism, showing an outright disregard for other people with his usage of national resources for his own pleasure, in addition to, his . However, nothing compares to the arrogance of the man who declared war on Neptune, regarded as a, God at the time. Another is Genghis Khan. This man was kind, gentle and overall very charming; responsible for unifying warlike savages into a formidable force through diplomacy and pragmatism. He was a tactical maverick who would respond to any challenge with an implacable, inexorable rage that reduced Baghdad, (an internationally renowned city at that point) to a smoldering necropolis. However, both of these savages pale in comparison to the Chimera of the modern age, Lucifer incarnate, the God of Mammon…… America! I understand America, isn’t a person, but as a collective entity, as a continuous conglomeration of American presidency stretching back until Franklin D. Roosevelt, it is one of the most evil persons to have ever lived. With its goals, just self-aggrandizement, the American state routinely demonstrates the psychopathic attribute of brutal selfishness; America’s utter disparagement of other nation’s rights – as seen in the invasion of Iraq, the intervention of Afghanistan, the several coups orchestrated in South America; America is an entity without a conscience. An idea utterly frightening. But not as frightening as a government made up of people who will not cannot care for us.

Politics is war without bloodshed’ – Mao Zedong

Politics was a dirty game from day one. While politicians rave and rant about the beauty of democracy and the rights of man, truth is, they couldn’t care less for the concerns of those that elected them to power. Their very means of acquiring power is often through the sponsorship and support of private interest groups. The Tories, (the fools in power)  were sponsored  by many banking sector interest groups and large sums of money from fossil-fuel reliant companies. With these prior contributions made, is it any wonder that our beloved government has shown more interest in the plight of the banks than the plight of the 60,000 people who woke up homeless on Christmas in the U.K  or the floods caused by the fossil fuels we so imprudently consume.

‘The world is weary of statesmen whom democracy has degraded into politicians’ – Benjamin Disraeli

Our lives revolve around the foolish, flawed and frankly quite, idiotic notion that we must delegate an individual or group to maintain our welfare for us. The idea that it is compulsory for us to have our words and views filtered through the medium of a white upper-class man. Who decides this? And most importantly, who is it that benefits from wealthy white people being in political control of the nation? Especially, when the possibility of self-governance and popular sovereignty is perfectly viable. Through a more thorough, more relevant, political education, we, the ignored masses could deliberate, discuss and debate the matters which afflict our communities. Through, people’s assemblies and worker’s councils, our affairs could be sorted out, in a manner which directly addresses the issues which we face, in a more transparent, more engaging, and lastly, more democratic manner.

‘If liberty and equality, as is thought by some, are chiefly to be found in democracy, they will be best attained when all persons alike share in the government to the utmost.’ – Aristotle

Whilst some may question the feasibility of such a system operating without the bureaucratic authority of the state. History has multiple examples of people working, democratically to achieve relevant goals. The cantonal direct democracy of Switzerland (Landsgemeinde) is an system of political engagement, maintained from the middle ages; a system where all eligible citizens gather in the open air for debate, questions, voting and express their freedom to change the constitution to whatever the masses desire. The ancient Athenian Democracy also utilised direct democratic tendencies, however, the denial of suffrage to slaves and women really damages the credibility of this. But, the relatively modern worker’s communes of anarchist Catalonia and Aragon demonstrated the willingness of a people to rule themselves. Working together to institute land distribution, communal ownership and general egalitarian measures, the anarchists of the Spanish civil war, worked valiantly and tirelessly, without politicians to improve the quality of life for all… But the integral factor in the success and justice instituted by each of these movements, was that they were done…………without politicians.

Do you hear the people sing?

Do you hear the people sing?

Politicians will con us, they’ll trick us, they’ll manipulate us. It’s in their nature, so they can’t be blamed. And yet, resistance is not futile, our hopes and dreams of magnificent future can’t ever be broken, nor stolen. You cannot destroy an idea.

End Politics

Tito Mogaji-Williams

Thanks for reading this.